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Joshua Lucas


Josh is a friendly adventurer who was born and raised in Portland, OR. His love for photography started in 2010 when he was handed a camera during a choir trip! Quickly following his passion Josh had his photography published in Carpe Articulum, an international art and literary review magazine, for his images of animals and nature. He has also been featured in Oregon Bride Magazine and received multiple awards for his journalistic style. Josh has been shooting professionally for 8 years with no stop to his passion


Steffi Kutcher


Steffi is the most kind and respectful professional you'll ever encounter. Not only will her smile cheer you up, but her artistry and drive in the photography industry is never ending. Raised in Oregon and living in Portland, she pursues work in fashion, weddings, and wherever her heart takes her. Steffi has over 3 years of continuous professional experience! If you're looking for  an artist that goes above and beyond to make you happy, she's the one. Steffi was part of the award nominated photography team featured in Oregon Bride Magazine. You'll feel amazing on any project with this incredible artist! 

Jenna Miller

Filmaker / Videographer

Jenna is the next great thing to happen to the cinema/video industry. She follows her passions with impeccable dedication, whether it be drawing, cinema, and even bunnies. Versatile in the field or in the office,  Jenna has over 10 years of experience in video editing. She has recently been featured for her independent documentary film OFFSHORE! You can find her adding new beautiful art to her Etsy shop, making new films, and creating beautiful wedding videos during the summer. You'll never find a more versatile and diversely skilled artist than Jenna! She can tell a story through motion-capture like no one else.

Julian McFadden

Videographer / Photographer

Another versatile, diverse, and seasoned artist is Julian McFadden, a professional based out of Portland Oregon. Julian has recently created commercials for companies in California, and also can be found working with PAC12 and ESPN when he's not shooting weddings! He was also part of the award nominated wedding photography team with Joshua and others. Julian is a fun-loving and respectful professional who gets the job done fast and effectively. He can flex between photography and videography, and also has been building up his experience with flying drones! Julian is always a pleasure to work with and you'll be happy you met him.

Andrea Mitev


Andrea Mitev is a successful fashion and wedding photographer based in Corvallis Oregon. She is known for her relentless work with Dam Chic, an Oregon State University fashion magazine where she is the head editor-in-chief. Though she is hard working and professional, you'll always see her with a smile, looking for the next moment or image to capture. Andrea was also part of the award nominated wedding photography team along with Josh, Julian, Steffi, and others! Nothing gets in her way as she continues to follow her passion for art. Let Andrea express her style through your projects, you'll be happy you did. 


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